Congratulation on our company passing ISO9001 quality management accreditation2022-06-10

    In order to further standardize our production, R & D and sales operation process, effectively control risks, improve investment income, and form a standardized operation and management mode, our company launched the introduction of ISO9001 quality management system accreditation.

    According to the relevant requirements, the experts of the accreditation team have conducted a very detailed and comprehensive audit of our laboratory, quality inspection department, and sales department, and carefully checked the management manual and program control documents. During accreditation process, the experts gave full affirmation and high evaluation to our project management system, and the accreditation has been successfully passed. This also marks that the company's quality management system has reached the standardized and scientific modern enterprise management standard, and has been recognized by the third-party authority.


    To ensure our phytochemical reference standards at  high quality level, our company will use ISO9001 quality management system to continue to strengthen basic management, continuously improve the company's R & D capabilities and further improve the level of product quality inspection.

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